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Dr. Bonnie Jones veterinarian photoPets Love Housecalls!
A trip to the veterinary clinic can be stressful for many pets AND their owners. 
A housecall veterinarian can provide your pet with excellent care without the stress. Your pet will be cared for in the comfort of your own home. Imagine--no more cat carriers, no wrestling your large dog into the car, and no strange vet clinic sounds and smells to frighten your pet. 
Do you have several pets and find bringing them all to the veterinarian at the same time overwhelming? Do you have a cat that panics at the vet? Is your schedule hectic, or do you perhaps have small children at home during the day? Are you elderly or disabled? A housecall vet may be just what you need!
Dr. Bonnie Jones is passionate about providing the highest quality of care for your pets. She views each animal as an individual and will work with you to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your pet. In addition to her compassion, Dr. Jones also has extensive training in the latest advances in veterinary medicine. She blends cutting edge knowledge with a gentle approach, giving your pet the special care it deserves. 
Dr. Jones is also trained to treat pets using acupuncture, which can be very useful for pets with arthritis, neurologic problems, and other chronic diseases. Acupuncture can also be used for the treatment of pain, asthma, and the ailments of senior pets.
Dr. Jones is pleased to provide housecall veterinary services in western Kentucky and southern Illinois. Based in Paducah, Dr. Jones will happily travel to any surrounding counties to treat your pets. Appointments will be scheduled at your convenience, including early mornings, evenings and weekends. Call for an appointment today---your pet will thank you.
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